Quality Ductwork and Sheet Metal Products for the Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Industry




As you can see throughout our pages on this site there are many products available for manufacture and wholesale supply. Whether it be 1 or 1000.

Those products include the following:

Droppers for evaporative roof coolers (colour & galvanised, 550,650,800)

Flashings to suit Droppers (550x550 & 550x800)

Starting Collars & Joiners (150mm to 600mm, welded and loose)

Cushion Boxes (All sizes, plain, 5mm, &25mm insulated)

Side Boots

End Boots

Supply & Return Air Transitions

Drip Trays "Condensation Trays" (with 25mm PVC connection)

Return Air Boxes (550 deep, plain & 5mm insulated)

Top Hat Capping (colour & galvanized 2.4M)

Return Air Cages "Bird Cage" (250,300,350,400,450mm)

Manual Dampers

Lintel Bars (angle type 50x75mm x1200mm approx)

and much much more..

Not only do we manufacture the above fittings, but we also manufacture rectangular ductwork. Just bring in your drawings or plans and we will supply you with a quote to manufacture the duct. Got it cheaper elsewhere? We will do our best to match the written quote/invoice.

On top of all that, we can manufacture custom products such as fan housings/barrels, weather shields and such.

Our terms of trade apply on all products, goods, and services supplied.